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Oskar Castro approaches personal growth, artistic entrepreneurship, and professional development with a desire to illuminate the ways that a person can grow inspiring them to consider their power as they choose a path, and then igniting them into action to take the crucial steps to achieve their objectives. Spending time with Oskar will help people adopt an “I can & I will attitude” towards their goals and personal growth.

In the tradition of Tony Robbins, Lisa Nichols, and other motivational and inspirational speakers, Oskar’s brand is one that provides audiences with the opportunity to do the work of digging deep into what makes them who they are. 


Coaching with Oskar means that despite any obstacles or perceived obstacles in your path you will be inspired to know that you can transform into who you need to be.


Oskar's primary coaching focus has been with artists, creators, and non-profit professionals and as a BIPOC creator with more than 30 years of experience working to support the aspirations of his community, he has experience guiding young adults seeking their path as professionals  in  the both the non-profit and corporate worlds.


“I worked for and with Oskar for almost ten years, on numerous projects that drew on his deep skills."

Janine Schwab – Teacher & Aquatics Professional

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About Oskar

Oskar Castro is a magnetic speaking professional and personal growth coach with over 30 years of experience helping people of all ages navigate their careers and personal life paths. Born and raised in South Jersey, Oskar is the product of Puerto Rican parents who migrated to the mainland U.S. when they were children and he identifies closely with his ethnic roots. 

A child of the 70's & 80's Oskar and his siblings grew up in historic Lawnside, NJ - a suburb created for and by African Americans as a haven from the horrors of the south and his experiences growing up in this important borough helped to shape who he has become.  Oskar graduated from Rowan University in 1992 and is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc.

Oskar is an artist utilizing a variety of creative mediums. His production company - - produces the podcast, Pardon My Art: Unlocking the Business Side of Creativity. He is the author of the afro-futurist novel, “Kymatica: Book One", the short story, "Where There is Love", and his  personal growth book, “Meet Your Inner Shaman”.

A human resources and equity & inclusion professional, Oskar has given countless presentations over his career ranging from small gatherings and large workshops to speaking at the National Mall in Washington, DC on topics ranging from how to stay organized and motivated, to unpacking the harm of racism in our society.

Oskar has spoken in four different countries as a speaking professional to grassroots audiences and in places as notable as the Harvard Kennedy School. He has often worked exclusively with Young Adults and also loves to speak to multigenerational audiences.

A SHRM certified HR professional, Oskar’s passion for public speaking and helping people to achieve their goals is balanced by his passion for art and other forms of creative communication. He is someone who could never be accused of being boring, and he makes his home base in the vibrant city of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania where he has lived for more than 25 years.

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“Oskar facilitated many conversations for me and my house during our service year. "

Julian Layton – Quaker Voluntary Service Alumni

10 Ways to Benefit from Mindfulness Training and Become a Better Leader

In this one-hour in person presentation, or webinar Oskar defines how even small amounts of time spent in states of mindfulness, or meditation can sharpen your attention, build resiliency, enhance self-awareness, foster emotional intelligence, deepen relationships, build confidence, enhance creativity, control anxiety, and help with composure & level headedness.

From experience, Oskar has learned that mindfulness and meditation can help a leader to lead from within themselves in order to achieve their particular work plan goals, be better managers, and support a healthy work culture. Studies show that most major corporations and organizations are looking to incorporate mindfulness and meditation consciousness into their work culture as a way to both enhance support for staff and to ultimately improve their bottom-lines.

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Why Are You Here?

In this one-hour in person motivational presentation, or webinar, Oskar asks the participants to go deeper than they may have ever gone in their journey of self-discovery and accomplishment. Oskar channels the wisdom of luminaries such as Napoleon Hill, Harriet Tubman, Andrew Carnegie, Oprah Winfrey, and Bruce Lee each of whom worked to realize their own full potential intentionally.

Tapping into the core of our being is a fundamental way to discover who we are and what we are capable of as human beings. Because of the shifts in our society over the last few years and people taking more stock of their purpose, this talk is intended to inspire audiences to consider that their success in life is fundamentally tied to their purpose. Referencing tools like the Japanese Ikigai, Oskar walks participants through a conversation about their reason for being and what defines “success”.

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Understanding Discipline for Personal Success

Discipline and resilience is often seen as something that only people like athletes, high profile musicians and actors, and those who are the top executives in Fortune 100 companies are able to sustain, but we are all capable and actually have evidence of our capacity to commit to a practice or discipline that could enhance our lives.

In this one-hour in-person presentation, or webinar Oskar will help participants think about the “why” to a desire they have, know the difference between a goal and the steps to a goal, develop a vision for what they hope to accomplish, and consider ways that they can establish routines and actions that reinforce their reason “why”.

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“I worked for and with Oskar for almost ten years, on numerous projects that drew on his deep skills. Oskar understands issues and messages that social change organizations are trying to convey. He works in a spirit of collaboration… never with ego!”

Janine Schwab – Teacher & Aquatics Professional


“Oskar facilitated many conversations for me and my house during our service year. He genuinely shares his perspective and makes it easy for others to do the same, and is always willing to explain his reasoning or thought process. I definitely recommend him as a speaker for any event!”

Julian Layton – Quaker Voluntary Service Alumni

"Oskar is a phenomenal speaker. He has a warm and vibrant energy that makes people feel welcome and excited to engage. He also has a broad range of experiences across different artistic media, so he is not just speaking about what he thinks, but also what he actually knows."

Brittany Campese

Vision Driven Consulting


"I appreciated the ability to break out into smaller groups to discuss application of the learnings after we had time to digest the content in the larger setting."

Energy Foundation workshop participant



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