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Meet Your Inner Shaman: The Scientist, the Doctor, the Teacher, and the Artist is a book intended for those who are seeking opportunities for personal growth and development.


It takes a closer look at the shamanic archetype and imagines the shaman as a scientist, a doctor, a teacher, and an artist. The book explores things like meditation, mindfulness, and quantum consciousness which many think is responsible for the placebo effect.



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Where There is Love centers on a girl named Hope who, led by her parents and uncle, seeks to change destiny's arc.


In an alternate universe, and a very different future, the struggle for freedom takes on a whole new meaning.


KYMATICA is set hundreds of years in earth's future following the collapse of human civilization in the 21st century due to the impact of climate change.


Ikhan is a young woman who finds herself pulled into the middle of a simmering conflict. She is reluctantly recruited by a community of pacifists from the Temple of Kymatica to fulfill a prophecy that puts her on a collision course with the ruler of Spirare and perhaps, a return to the surface for humanity.



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